Wire ventilated shelving closet rack systems

2:44 AM

Closet organization made easy: We can maximize your space in any Closet. ClosetMaid wire ventilated shelving racks is ideal for the Master bedroom walk-in closets, kids closets, pantries, and basements.
ClosetMaid Products have been delivering for 40 years. And the demand is still growing. According to Builder Magazine's "2003 Brand Study", builders choose ClosetMaid storage products more than twice as often as the next best option. Over and Over, independent research has proved ClosetMaid products to be the best in the business.

Master walk-in closets

ClosetMaid Wire Ventilated Closet Systems are an economical and efficient way to maximize the useable space in the master walk-in closets.  As seen  below the use of shoe racks, basket systems, double hanging , long hanging and sweater shelves.

Reach-in Closets
ClosetMaid Wire Ventilated Shelving can make small closets feel big at a small price. For the kids closets or small master closets, you can maximize your space with double hanging, shoe racks, basket systems and sweater shelves.

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