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Beauty News DIY Bridal Nails: 5 Beautiful Wedding Nail Ideas

7:57 AM

DIY Bridal Nails: 5 Beautiful Wedding Nail Ideas 
New York Bridal Fashion Week (or better known as simply Wedding Week) kicks off this weekend, and the best-of-the-best couture gowns are going up for show! Keep tabs as we bring you all the gorgeous gowns, bridal trends, and sneak peeks at the bridal industry's busiest week of the year.

To get you in the nuptials sort of mood—unless you've got a wedding board on Pinterest, which means you're pretty much in it 24/7—we've rounded up 5 unconventionally-elegant bridal nail ideas that you can re-create at home. 

Whether you're a guest, a bridesmaid, or the lucky lady, we're sure you're going to love these dazzling digits:
Wedding Band Nail Art:
A mini blinged-out ring on your ring finger? How meta! And cute! All you have to do for this design is get a basic French mani with rounded-out tips, paint a thin layer of reflective gold polish (try Essie's Mirror Metallics in Gold as Gold, $8) through the center of the nail and press on a rhinestone decal (like Kiss Nail Artist Stickers, $3). Voila!
Glitter-Tipped French Manicure:
If a plain Jane French manicure just doesn't cut it for you—this sparkly iteration will. Based on your accessories, you can make the glitter color match! We recommend silver or gold sparkles to keep the style grounded in the classics, instead of gaudy-looking.
Lace Nails:
Nothing says "wedding" like lots of lace and tulle, so why shouldn't your manicure reflect the rest of your marriage makeover? This lacy look requires lots of patience, a good base coat, and a heavy-duty top coat—but with the help of a good friend (or maybe your hubby-to-be!) they can help snip and file off the excess lace once you lock it down.
Pale Blue Hue:
Here's the chicest (and easiest!) way to incorporate "something blue" into your weddingwear—a beautiful, soft blue manicure. The pretty pale hue in the picture is the Thakoon for NARS nail polish in Kutki.
3D Floral Nail Art:
One of the best things about weddings—you know, besides two people falling in love and devoting themselves to each other for eternity and such—is the excuse to go balls-to-the-walls over-the-top. When else will you get the chance to have such a lavish bash thrown in your honor? These daring digits were obvs professionally-done, but you can get a similar effect with this $25 at-home kit.

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